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Metail Cookies

The following use of cookies are strictly necessary in the operation of Metail.

Metail will:
• Store your Metail User ID in a secure cookie
• Remember whether you’ve used the Metail service before
• Remember where you are in our virtual fitting room process
• Distribute load across our systems to make your experience fast and responsive

The following cookies are functional and improve the Metail Fitting Room experience.

Metail will:
• Anonymously track orders you make on the retailer’s site
• If you have been placed in our AB test, a cookie will be set to remember which test variant you have been placed in
• Track the pages you visit and your browsing behaviour via Google and Snowplow Analytics

Metail will not:
• Share any personal information with third parties.



‘The Try-On Wedding Boutique and Get the Meghan Markle Look are unofficial and in no way endorsed by or associated with Meghan Markle. The image of Ms Markle displayed across this site is artist-rendered, not a photograph’. 

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